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The Retro Cereal You Can Only Find At Walmart
On "Clash of Clans'" 10-year anniversary, Finnish game company Supercell has fabricated a fictional history of the game, including a non-existent cereal called Barb's Choco Boom Booms that supposedly endorsed the game in the past. Supercell’s design might appeal to nostalgic customers who crave cereals that you’ll never see again.
According to CoC’s official Twitter account, you can now purchase an actual box of Barb's Choco Boom Booms, allegedly straight from 1992, from the Walmart website. The cereal promotes “mouthfuls of destruction” and features a Barbarian character on the back of the cereal box.
Just remember that the cereal is exclusive to the US and will be available only for a limited time. Although there haven't been any reviews yet, the cereal seems to be similar to Cocoa Puffs, and it comes in a box filled with Easter Eggs for "Clash of Clans" fans.