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The Returning Aldi Dessert That Has Shoppers Cheering

Desserts come in many shapes and sizes, and grocery chain giant Aldi is bringing back a trio of fan-favorite desserts that offer the indulgence of American pies in bite-size form with a hint of chocolate. As with most Aldi Finds, these Belmont-brand pie bites won't be around much longer.

These portion-controlled miniature desserts come 10 to a package for $4.69 and are available in three flavors: coconut cream, key lime, and banana cream. Each variety has a graham cracker crust with a chocolate coating and should be partially thawed before serving.

Instagram user CandyHunting posted this find on their account, calling it their “favorite Aldi product from last year.” Each flavor got some love on CandyHunting's post, especially the banana pie bites, although one commenter questioned the combination of chocolate with the classic citrusy key lime pie.