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The Returning Costco Dessert That Has Instagram Blowing Up
Last year, when Redditors turned their attention to Costco’s key lime pie, user ieatoatmeal exclaimed, "I ate an entire one by myself a few years back, but I haven't been able to find it the past 2 years." However, it no longer needs to be a distant fan memory, because Costco has brought back this Kirkland Signature Key Lime Pie and Instagram is loving it.
Costco brought back the oversized pie that weighs a whopping 68 ounces, or 4.25 pounds, just in time for the Fourth of July celebrations. Instagrammer Costco Buys shared a video of the pie and noted that this tangy dessert has a buttery graham cracker crust and sells for $15.99 at their location.
While one pie enthusiast declared that “this is how we eat our feelings,” others lamented that Costco should have a smaller version of the pie, adding “I really wish Costco would do 1/2 pies. We are not a large family and it would be wasteful to buy one." However, the community had a solution ready: eat half and freeze the rest.