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The Rice You Should Never Reheat
Since reheating rice without proper precautions can cause food poisoning, it’s best to eat rice as soon as it's done, cool the leftover rice within an hour, keep the rice in the fridge for no more than one day, reheat the rice entirely, and then never reheat it more than once. That said, there's a particular kind of rice, reheating which will cause you problems no matter what you do.
The creamy texture and deliciousness of risotto make it a rice dish that’s best enjoyed the same day it’s cooked. However, once the rice has cooled and the meal is reheated, the creamy texture will be nowhere to be found — and if you put that leftover risotto into the microwave, you’ll definitely end up with a dry, clumpy mess.
However, if you’ve made a lot of risotto and cannot finish it within the same day, you can repurpose the leftover food by making arancini. Mashed’s traditional arancini recipe suggests cooking and then immediately cooling the risotto so that you can directly move on to forming your risotto and cheese balls before breading and frying.