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The Ridiculous TikTok Steak Recipe That Gordon Ramsay Can’t Handle
Gordon Ramsay has been having a lot of fun on TikTok, using the platform’s duet feature to film and post side-by-side reactions to other users’ food videos. In his typical scathing manner, Ramsay has chimed in on "Pilk" (Pepsi and milk), a "possum burger," and now a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos steak recipe that has the pro chef in shambles.
In a duet video with over 1.8 million likes, Ramsay offers play-by-play commentary on user @andyslife247’s steak recipe. The creator starts by melting an entire stick of butter in a pan before throwing his steak in, prompting Ramsay to cry out, “Treat your meat with respect!”, only for the cook to add another quarter of a stick.
The TikToker then crushes a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and dips the buttered steak into the bag of crumbs, as Ramsay protests, “No! It looks like my granddad’s flip-flop.” Ramsay reacts with horror again as the man in the video cuts into his nearly-raw steak and takes a bite, prompting plenty of crying-laughing emojis from commenters.