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The Rumors Are True:
Taco Bell Is Bringing Back Its Mexican Pizza

This article that involves an ongoing news story was written on April 7, 2022. The facts of the story are accurate as of that date.

Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza gained a cult following quickly after its 1985 introduction, but it was sadly taken off the menu in November 2020. However, according to a post from Instagram food blogger Markie_devo, the beloved Mexican Pizza will once again be back in April or May of 2022.

Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza consisted of seasoned ground beef and refried beans sandwiched between two crisp "pizza shell" tostadas and covered in diced tomatoes, a three-cheese blend, and a spicy pizza sauce. This revamped version will retail at $3.89, will give more customizable options, and will come in more sustainable packaging.

Rumors of its release have been circulating online for months, including a leaked video of a top Taco Bell executive confirming its return. Leaks are usually considered a bad thing, but something tells us Taco Bell isn't unhappy about the buzz this one has generated.

The Mexican Pizza is not the only item returning to the menu, as the chain is bringing back some old favorites, like the beloved Potato-rito and Nacho Fries. The chain has a history of listening to fan demand, as it brought back the beloved Quesalupa in 2021, after a five-year absence.