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The Seasonal Chips Aldi Shoppers Can't Stop Buying
There’s one chip flavor at Aldi that fans on Instagram say is "very addicting." The chips in question are Casa Mamita's Organic Mexican-Style Street Corn Flavored Big Dipper Corn Chips, which retail for $2.29 per bag and are one of Aldi's summer seasonal items.
The shape of the chips is akin to Fritos scoops, and they're dusted with a Mexican street corn flavoring. Mexican street corn, or elote, is basically a pairing of corn with creamy ingredients like mayo or crema, salty cheese like queso fresco, tangy lime juice, and a combination of dried granulated chiles and salt called Tajin.
Plenty of fans had ideas for how to eat them, with one Instagram user saying, "These are amazing with their guacamole," while another cook noted that they were "making Frito pie/straw hats with them this week." Aldi's Mexican-Style Street Corn Flavored Big Dipper Corn Chips are among the limited-time summer products, so get them before supplies run out.