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The Secret Ingredient In Geoffrey Zakarian's Egg Salad

Celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian, known for his amazing skills on “Chopped” and “The Kitchen,” recently posted the recipe for his special egg salad on Instagram. What had many fans excited to try Zakarian’s egg salad recipe was the use of his secret ingredient – yuzu mayonnaise.

In addition to yuzu mayonnaise, Zakarian’s recipe also calls for salt, cracked pepper, and a touch of Dijon mustard. One fan in the comments wrote they were able to find yuzu mayonnaise at Whole Foods and Roche Bros grocery, but it can also be found online, or made at home.

Yuzu, also called Japanese lemon, is an East Asian citrus fruit most commonly used in making ponzu sauce, a dipping sauce served with foods like gyoza. Since fresh yuzu fruit is hard to find in the U.S., ordering bottled yuzu juice online or using a yuzu substitute are good options.

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