Chopsticks used to lift chow mein from a takeout box


The Secret To Make Your Chow Mein Taste Just Like Chinese Food Takeout
Stir-frying noodles with some vegetables, aromatics, and protein isn’t too challenging, but making it taste just like your favorite takeout can be a bit difficult.
The key to getting that unmistakable takeout taste is Chinese rice or Shaoxing wine, which gives chow mein a salty flavor with a hint of sweetness.
You can use as much Chinese cooking wine as you want in your chow mein recipe, but you will need a few other ingredients to make it taste delicious and takeout-authentic.
Regular soy sauce boosts flavor, and dark gives a nice brown color. Add ingredients like sesame oil, oyster sauce, chicken stock, or MSG to bring out the umami taste.
A wok is ideal as it heats up quickly and has enough space to toss the noodles. Drizzle soy sauce around the edges while stir-frying to give your chow mein a smoky flavor.