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The Shocking Price One Artist Is Asking For A McDonald's Pickle
In Auckland, New Zealand, artist Matthew Griffin made a piece of art called "Pickle," and it's exhibited "on the ceiling of an Auckland art gallery." Griffin flung "a single slice of pickle plucked from a McDonald's cheeseburger" on the ceiling — which some people have called "moronic," while others said it's "brilliant."

The pickle on the ceiling can be yours for NZD$10,000 ($6,288), but you still have to pay an additional NZD$4.44 ($2.79) for the cheeseburger. Whoever buys the pickle will get a cheeseburger and "instructions on how to recreate the art in their own space" so they can flick it on their own ceiling.

As to the point of it, Griffin's representative Ryan Moore said, "The gesture is so pure, so joyful," and that’s what makes flicking pickles on the ceiling so great. If you'd like a Mickey D’s-themed painting instead of a pickle, though, you can bid for Katherine Bernhardt's "McDonald's Restaurant" painting at Sotheby's.