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The Simple Steak Tip Rachael Ray Always Follows
Rachael Ray recently shared a clip of her preparing steak where she showed a crucial step that she never skips: Bring it to room temperature before cooking it. Here’s why Ray advises home cooks to let their steaks rest before searing, and why you should follow her advice.
Firstly, it’s important to bring steak to room temperature because you should never put cold meat in a hot pan. The fibers contract very quickly, pushing out precious juices that would make the steak moist. Moreover, cold meat cools the pan and disrupts the reactions that transform proteins on the meat's surface, preventing a caramelized sear and causing the steak to stick.
However, simply letting the meat come to room temperature doesn’t magically guarantee a perfect steak. Use the reverse searing technique to cook the steak slowly, before getting a hard sear, to avoid discoloration. Season your steaks immediately before putting them on the hot pan or 40 minutes before to let the salt work its way into the meat.