Actress Rita Hayworth, glamour star of the 1940s and 1950s, in a sultry publicity photo.

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The Snack That Was Inspired By An Iconic Rita Hayworth Character
Rita Hayworth starred in countless films, but “Gilda” was the role that set Hayworth's career in motion, and it even had a long-lasting effect by making its way into the food scene. Today, there is a classic pintxo known as a Gilda, named in her honor.
In case you're not familiar with pintxos, Eusko Guide describes them as finger foods from the Basque area. In the case of a Gilda, according to Spanish Sabores, it means olives, an anchovy, "a pickled green guindilla pepper, and (sometimes) a gherkin pickle or sundried tomato," all lined up on a toothpick for easy eating.
The naming of the Gilda pintxo took place over 60 years ago at a bar in San Sebastián, and it was given that name for its "verde, salado y picante (green, salty, and spicy)" qualities. Alternatively, it could translate to "little pervert, witty, and spicy" — all terms that could be used to describe Hayworth's title role.