Assortment of cheeses in market in France.

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The Southern French Cheese You Should Always Buy
At Costco
Costco is known for incredible deals on everyday staples that more than make up for the price of a membership, but the chain isn’t just a go-to for basics. You can purchase some great artisanal foods there, like one artisanal French cheese that the warehouse chain is selling for half the price of other stores.
Costco’s cheese aisle is brimming with great choices, but one of their best deals might just be P’tit Basque. Made in the Basque region of the Pyrenees mountains between Spain and France, P'tit Basque is a semi-firm cheese that Gourmet Food World describes as "a mild, creamier version of Manchego." The best part is that Costco sells it for only $16.49 a pound.
Reviewers have positive things to say about P'tit Basque. Slow Family Online said it is "nuttier" than cow's milk cheese and "somewhat creamy" with "a dry, salty finish," while Marcella the Cheesemonger called it "a terrific cheese," saying "it is sweet and salty and pleasant on the tongue." At Costco's price, P'tit Basque is well worth a try.