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The Stingy Reason You Should Never Order A Chipotle Burrito

When it comes to Chipotle’s burritos, you never know what you’re going to get — sometimes your burrito is overflowing with fillings, while other times it’s barely full. Luckily, there is one menu item that guarantees all of the same delicious filling options of a burrito, but with more of it and at basically the same price.

Instead of getting a sloppy Chipotle burrito, ordering a burrito bowl will get you more beans, protein, salsa, and everything else without the mess. Plus, stretching a bowl out for two meals is much easier than a burrito, and so for the same price, a burrito bowl could last you two meals if you eat half at a time.

If you order a steak burrito or a steak burrito bowl with the same toppings at Chipotle, the price is around $11 each, and the cost of adding a tortilla on the side of your burrito bowl is 50 cents. As stingy as it may sound, any way that someone can stretch their dollar today is worth it, so give this resourceful hack a try.