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The Students Who Learned A Hard Lesson At Gordon Ramsay's Pizza Restaurant
Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza offers "bottomless pizza" for £16 ($19.60) per customer, and its “all you can eat” feature means “all you can eat on the premises at the time of purchase.” An 18-year-old student and his friends learnt this lesson the hard way when they decided to fill their bellies and food storage containers with a week’s worth of pizza.
Cramming every second pizza slice into food packages concealed in their purses and totes, the friends managed to get away with 25 slices for future consumption. They would have remained anonymous if they didn’t choose to film their actions and posting on TikTok with the caption, “Gordon Ramsay bottomless pizza gonna feed us for a whole week," per Cornwall Live.
When the restaurant became aware of the events, they announced in an Instagram post, “After a few days on the run, we have tracked down our suspects.” The students have been banned from the restaurants and their pictures were also displayed with a reward for anyone who spotted the culprits near the establishment in the future.