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The Surprisingly Relatable Way Queen Elizabeth Stored Food
Royals wear crowns adorned with jewels and live in massive castles, so you may think that every aspect of their lives is just too posh for us commoners. However, International Business Times reports that Queen Elizabeth II had some rather practical and humble habits, and she didn't exactly store her food in delicate porcelain dishes.
The queen liked to store her preferred breakfast cereal, Special K, in a plastic yellow Tupperware to preserve its freshness. The container was brought directly to the queen so she could serve herself, but it's still surprising that the famous monarch liked to pour mass-market cereal into her bowl from a plain Tupperware, just like the rest of us.
However, the rest of Queen Elizabeth's breakfast proceedings were rather fancy. Her staff had clear instructions on how to serve food and drink to her, and every piece of crockery and cutlery on her breakfast table was arranged in a specific way; the queen's favorite yellow Tupperware may have even had its own assigned spot.