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The Sweet Birthday Cake Buddy Valastro Made For Gigi Hadid's Daughter
In April of 2020, Buddy Valastro designed a cake in the likeness of supermodel Gigi Hadid for her 25th birthday, but it seems that was just the beginning of his edible birthday gifts. Apparently, Hadid has also asked Buddy Valastro to make cakes for her loved ones.
According to People, in January 2021, Hadid commissioned an elaborate soccer-themed cake from Valastro for her then-boyfriend Zayn Malik featuring a jersey from the Bradford City Football Club. Given what a big fan Hadid is of Buddy Valastro and his cake creations, it's no surprise she reached out to him to make a cake for her daughter's second birthday.
Hadid took to Instagram to post a story featuring a pic of the cake, which appears to be three tiers or more and decorated with several "Peppa Pig" characters, a house, a sun, clouds, trees, a big pink bow, and Hadid's daughter's name, Khai, in big white lettering. "Our angel girl turned 2 today" Hadid captioned the post. Sounds like Hadid's friendship with Valastro only continues to grow even sweeter.