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The Taco Bell Limited Menu Reddit Wishes Would Make A Comeback
Over the years, Taco Bell has frequently brought back fan favorites as a marketing trick — but this time, some Redditors are hoping its next returning item will be the classic Fourth Meal. Taco Bell introduced the concept of the "Fourth Meal," which is not so much a food item but basically Taco Bell's idea for a late-night menu, in 2006 as a way to market to late-night customers.
Taco Bell promoted its idea of "the meal between dinner and breakfast" with plenty of merchandise, commercials, and even an interactive website where visitors could explore a city at night, searching for Taco Bells. Now, 16 years after the "Fourth Meal" came and went, an apparent Taco Bell employee and user on r/TacoBell discovered a sleeve of "Fourth Meal" promotional cups stacked up in the basement of their workplace.
The discovery reignited a discussion on the long-discontinued idea of the late-night Taco Bell menu, with some users reflecting on the "good old days" when Taco Bell was open past 9 pm and encouraged late-night visitors. Taco Bell still has a "late-night menu," although it may not be as grand as what the "Fourth Meal" promised.