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The Taco Bell Nacho Cheese Sauce Nightmare Reddit Can't Stop Laughing At
Taco Bell can get pretty busy, and it's only natural to assume that they will occasionally run out of certain items. However, even when they were the only customer in the store, one Redditor on the r/tacobell forum received a disappointing surprise after ordering Nacho Fries that Reddit can't stop laughing about.
Reddit user L4VNDR posted what was supposed to be nacho cheese sauce with the caption: "Wasn't even informed they were out of nacho cheese sauce when making the order. They just melted shredded cheese in a cup — seriously?" The congealed cheese is far from Taco Bell’s standard liquid gold nacho cheese sauce.
Redditors couldn't contain their guffaws at the pathetic sight, with one user saying, "I'm sorry for laughing, but this is pretty hilarious." Some people gave the employees an 'e' for effort, but one user was adamant that the switch was unacceptable: "Shredded cheese is NEVER a valid substitute for nacho cheese. Period."