Steak beef gravy pie .

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The Three-Ingredient Pie Hack That Saves So Much Time And Work
According to a hack from Jocelyn Delk Adams, behind @grandbabycakes on Instagram, using only three store-bought or pre-made ingredients can result in a delicious pie. These ingredients are cookie dough, pre-made graham cracker crust, and any sweet topping, from chocolate chips to whipped cream.
For making this pie, add the cookie dough to the crust using a spoon and assemble nicely before baking in the oven. After baking your cookie dough pie, add some toppings — Delk Adams, for example, adds whipped cream, decorates the pie with caramel and chocolate sauce, and finishes it with nuts.
To get creative with this last step, you can go for cream cheese frosting with some sprinkles on top, melt some dark chocolate, add M&M's, or keep it plain and serve with vanilla ice cream. This hack will result in a delicious pie in less time and effort than usual.