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The TikTok Chef Who Shares Hilarious Deadpan Reactions To Cooking Videos
TikToker Chef Reactions — whose real name and workplace are seemingly anonymous — is known for his hilarious TikTok posts, in which he evaluates food videos with a deep, monotone voice and a poker face. The bio on his profile, which boasts over 300,000 followers and four million likes, reads, "side of sarcasm, extra salt, BS allergy."
Some of the recipes Chef Reactions has reviewed include ones for a peculiar drink made with beets and rice, a SpaghettiOs pie, and "chocolate milk" made from raw liver. However, not every recipe is met with disdain — a Coca-Cola braised rib à la Chef Genevieve LaMona, and breakfast tacos by @cooking_with_fire, for example, were praised by the short-tempered cook.
His videos typically end with him rating the dish on a 10-point scale and expressing whether or not he'd eat it. However, some users don't appreciate the chef's crude language. He even revealed in one recent video that he was permanently banned from the app for disobeying community guidelines but was able to revive his account.