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The Toaster Hack You Need To Perfectly Time Your Poached Eggs
The timing of a poached egg is tricky: if left in the water for too long, the yolk will become solid and chalky, but move too quickly and the egg whites will spread and leave you with a lone-standing yolk. Luckily, one TikToker has given us an amazing tip for creating the perfect poached eggs every time, with no timer required.
TikTok user @GourmetGab says to put two pieces of bread in the toaster "the moment the eggs are in," since "By the time our bread is golden brown your eggs should be done too." This takes about three minutes, which is the perfect amount of time for your egg whites to fully set without letting your yolk get too solid.
Once your toast is ready, slather it in butter, use a slotted spoon to gently lift and drain your poached eggs, and if you like, place the eggs on one piece of toast and use the other piece to dig into your luxuriously runny poached eggs. There you have it — a perfectly timed hot breakfast of poached eggs and toast in just three minutes.