Dessert "homemade molten French 66% dark chocolate cake, Ben & Jerry's super Vanilla ice-cream" at Lot 10 restaurant in Central. 11 September 2006 (Photo by Oliver Tsang/South China Morning Post via Getty Images)

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The Trader Joe's Caramel Center Lava Cake That's 'Laughably Easy' To Make
Despite having a disputed history about its original recipe, chocolate lava cakes have survived for a few decades because they are absolutely delicious. In a recent Lifehacker post, the easiest version of the much-loved lava cake was prepared simply by combining two products from Trader Joe’s.
To make the lava cake, put the "Blondie Bar Baking Mix" batter in six ramekins, and place a single "Dark Chocolate Covered Caramel" in the center of each. Although a blondie is vanilla-flavored, the combination works, and you can always substitute a brownie mix if you need more chocolate.
Using a boxed mix lets you try different flavor combinations, and you can replace different chocolates for the center. For the home cooks who think that this is too much work, don’t worry because you can buy a lava cake kit, or purchase a pre-made and frozen one at Trader Joe’s.