"Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA - March 7, 2012: The Trader Joe's Supermarket off Adams Road in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Founded in 1958, Trader Joe's is a chain of supermarkets with 365 locations in the US and estimated revenues of $8.5 Billion."

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The Trader Joe's Fall Treat Shoppers Have Been Waiting For
Trader Joe's carries many maple-flavored autumnal items — including maple-roasted almonds, salted maple ice cream, and Dutch breakfast treats called poffertjes in a maple flavor. Excitingly enough, TJ’s popular maple sea salt kettle corn is now making a return to the store for the fall.
The return of maple sea salt kettle corn had fans on Instagram enthusiastic for its comeback. One user said they literally "squeaked out loud" when they saw @traderjoeslist's post about the product, while another user jokingly commented on what a "dangerous item" it is to have at home.
One fan was disappointed in the announcement as they asked Trader Joe’s, "Why do you post this???? Shhhh, this is supposed to be a secret." The shopper's fears seem reasonable, as multiple commenters said they've hoarded bags of maple kettle corn after "waiting all year" for its return.