gordon ramsey in a chef robe crossing his hands


The Trick That Keeps Gordon Ramsay's Turkey Bursting With Juicy Flavor
It can be challenging to achieve and well-cooked bird while maintaining moistness, but chef Gordon Ramsay has a tip for cooking your turkey without drying it out.
Chef Ramsey slathers parsley and garlic butter under the skin and on top of the turkey. While it cooks, he bastes the bird with the melted butter pan juices to ensure crispy skin.
Ramsay loosens the skin with his fingers to ensure the butter mixture completely coats the breasts and thighs. He slides it down to coat the breast, the driest part of the bird.
The chef also drizzles olive oil and drapes uncooked bacon over the top of the bird after 10 minutes of cooking to help keep the breast moist.
The bacon and olive oil also add flavor to the drippings for gravy. Finally, Ramsay's secret to cooking the perfect turkey includes letting it rest as long as it cooks.