Sunny side up eggs frying in a pan


The Trick To Get Perfectly Runny Fried Eggs Makes Sense
The perfect fried eggs use lots of oil or butter and a method called basting to get perfectly brown edges, set whites, and runny yolks. However, the timing can be tricky.
A simple idea from Eater can help. Instead of pouring the entire egg in at once, add the egg whites to piping hot oil, then spoon oil over the whites until they are nearly set.
Next, pour the yolk onto the center of the whites and quickly baste it with one or two spoonfuls of oil. Promptly remove it from the pan and make sure there is no excess oil.
Eggs are 90% water and 10% protein, so by giving the whites extra time, you get the perfect crispy edges. The yolks are high in protein which stick together when cooked too long.