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The Truth About Guy Fieri's Wife Lori Fieri

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri is what some might describe as an acquired taste, and even his wife, Lori, wasn't exactly his biggest fan at first. They first met when Lori was standing up for her friend whom Guy had let go from a restaurant he was running in Long Beach, California.

Lori didn't live in Long Beach and didn't intend to when she gave Guy a piece of her mind. However, when Guy defused the situation at his restaurant and sat with the women to talk, it eventually led to winning Lori over through her stomach.

Guy Fieri might not remember the meal that he cooked for Lori on their first date, but in 2018, he told Today that his linguini and clams is Lori’s all-time favorite dish. It’s not just Guy who does the cooking though, because Lori’s noodles and beef with “fantastic gravy” is Guy’s favorite dish of hers.

Lori Fieri deserves a lot of the credit for her husband's success, and not just because she made sure sons Hunter and Ryder got off to school while their dad was on the road. When Guy was invited to New York in 2005 to compete on "The Next Food Network Star," Lori didn’t allow him to turn it down, even though she was pregnant with their second child.

Guy operates many restaurants and is the face of both "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" and “Guy's Grocery Games,” but flexibility has allowed Lori and her spiky-haired husband to fit comfortably in each other's worlds. According to Guy, the secret to their marriage is compromise and understanding.

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