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The Truth About Panda Express's Secret Orange Chicken Burrito
Panda Express has its own Innovation Kitchen in Pasadena, California, that creates numerous cool dishes but the orange chicken burrito has captured the attention of Panda fans across the country. The burrito takes the famous Panda Express orange chicken and rolls it with other toppings inside a wrap for a blast of flavor but is only available in Los Angeles.
The orange chicken burrito is an impressive fusion of food because the scallion wrap is large enough to fit two entrees' worth of chicken in a single wrap. The wrap features pickled cucumbers, crispy wontons, and fresh salad greens by default, which can be further customized with veggies, sauce, starch, and protein to your heart's content.
The menu adds a red chili symbol next to the item, suggesting a spicy meal, which probably comes directly from the orange sauce that contains red chili hints. Unfortunately, the orange chicken burrito will not be available nationwide anytime soon and the only place to enjoy them is at one of the four Panda Express locations in southern California where it is currently offered.