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The Truth About Seoul Sausage From Great Food Truck Race: All Stars

The founders of Seoul Sausage — Chris Oh, Ted Kim, and Yong Kim — ended up winning six out of seven challenges on their way to winning Season 3 of "The Great Food Truck Race." However, Seoul Sausage actually couldn't make any of its namesake dishes in Season 3.
The reason for this was that the team didn't have a sausage maker on the truck. Instead, Seoul Sausage refashioned its sausage ingredients into hamburgers and kimchi fried balls, which were such a hit on the show that they wound up on Seoul Sausage's menu at its Los Angeles restaurant.
The parents of the founders of Seoul Kitchen didn't picture their sons making sausages for a living, but they have since come around to the idea. Now, the proud parents and all the other Seoul Kitchen fans can root for their favorite truck in "The Great Food Truck Race: All-Stars."

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