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The Truth About Subway's Veggie Delite Sandwich
Subway’s Veggie Delite sandwich seems fairly mild, but the words that critics use to describe it are not. GrubGrade calls it a "lackluster salad sandwich," Business Insider slams it as "brain-numbingly bland," and Adam Rothbarth of Vice says it "absolutely fails" as a vegetarian sandwich — so what's up with the Veggie Delite, and does it have redeeming qualities?
The default Veggie Delite consists of 9-grain wheat bread, cucumbers, green peppers, lettuce, red onions, spinach, tomatoes, and optional cheese. Without cheese, the sandwich has 190 calories, nine grams of protein, 240 grams of sodium, and two grams of fat, making it Subway's healthiest sandwich and one of the only vegan and vegetarian options on the menu.
The Veggie Delite has healthiness going for it, but even its fans on the subreddit r/vegan recommend adding extra condiments or a veggie patty to the sandwich; others aren't fans of it at all, and only order it as a last resort. The Veggie Delite isn't offensive, but merely lackluster — but if it were offensive, at least that would save it from its own blandness.