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The Type Of Ice Cream Michael Symon Swears By
These days, one needs to consider various factors before buying ice cream, ranging from allergies and other dietary restrictions to simple taste and texture preferences; it almost seems like the type of ice cream you choose says something about you. Chef Michael Symon recently shared his favorite ice cream on Twitter, allowing fans to get to know him better.
In August 2022, Symon professed his love of soft serve ice cream and frozen custard to his Twitter followers, writing, "Soft serve custard all day for me." Frozen custard is a bit different from simple soft serve ice cream; both desserts contain milk, cream, and sugar, but custard must contain at least 1.4% of pasteurized egg yolks, according to the FDA.
Some standard ice cream recipes also include more egg yolks, since the addition is a natural emulsifier, giving the dessert an extra creamy texture without fancy machinery. Soft serve ice cream also differs from other ice creams and frozen custards due to its lower milk fat content and higher air content, resulting in a more "whipped" consistency.