Roasted broccoli in a bowl.

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The Umami Butter Bomb That Will Instantly Elevate Roasted Broccoli
The slightly bitter and markedly green flavor of broccoli may turn some people off, but roasting it with olive oil and seasoning can transform this nutritious vegetable and make it a bit sweeter. However, adding a buttery umami bomb to your roasted broccoli can take it to the next level and keep you going back for more.
Adding a miso butter bomb to roasted broccoli can take it from basic to breathtaking. Miso, a traditional Japanese paste made by fermenting soybeans and edible fungi called koji, has a savory flavor that goes well with countless dishes — it can also improve digestion and reduce the risk of certain diseases.
New York Times Cooking recently shared a simple recipe on TikTok for miso butter-blasted roasted broccoli. After roasting the vegetable in a baking pan with a drizzle of olive oil and salt, mix butter and miso paste into a bowl, and toss your roasted broccoli in the miso butter for a savory, umami-rich vegetable dish.