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The Unbelievable Number Of Waffles Served Per Minute At Waffle House
Since debuting in 1955, Waffle House restaurants have kept their old-fashioned diner look and simple menu items. The chain has also maintained its cheap prices, which is why Waffle House remains a popular spot for breakfast — so popular, in fact, that you won't believe how many waffles they serve per minute.
Despite being a regional chain, Waffle House serves up 145 waffles per minute on average. The chain also provides around 341 strips of bacon, 238 orders of hash browns, and 127 cups of coffee per minute to wash it all down, and since Waffle House's opening in the 50's, they've served an unbelievable 2.5 billion eggs.
The fact that Waffle House is open for 24 hours a day probably helps with those high numbers, even though the restaurants are located in only 25 states, mostly concentrated in the southern U.S. Besides waffles, the company also claims to serve more T-bone steaks than anywhere else in the world.