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The Uncommon Ingredient That Gives Scrambled Eggs An Umami Boost
While scrambled eggs are a common breakfast staple, a little umami flavor can change your breakfast experience altogether. The umami flavor is described as rich and meaty, and characteristic of cheese, meat, mushrooms, soy and ripe tomatoes.
While you can add salmon, tomatoes or mushrooms to your scrambled eggs, the best way to get the umami kick is by adding soy sauce. Soy sauce adds a deep, rich umami flavor to the scrambled eggs and is not subtle like onion powder, thus giving the dish a pungent taste that changes the flavor profile.
Start with a splash of soy sauce and cook the eggs slowly on low heat. After tasting the newly reinvented scrambled eggs, you can decide if you want more or less soy sauce the next time you make scrambled eggs for breakfast.