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The Unexpected Animal That Broke Loose At A Las Vegas In-N-Out
It's always funny — yet alarming — when you hear of instances where wild animals are found in places they're not supposed to be. In a shocking video posted on Reddit, a monkey escaped at an In-N-Out Burger in Las Vegas.
The video shows a small monkey cowering near a wall before scurrying off, after it got loose from somebody's cage. Customers have mixed responses, as some are awestruck, and others look away — and plenty of people online expressed concern that the monkey was being unsafely handled.
“The ‘owner’ of that monkey might've hurt or killed it afterwards sadly,” a Redditor wrote, while another stated, “Monkey is freaking out and is probably suffering abuse.” However, some commenters were less serious, and one user joked, “Lil guy can't order a meal without getting harassed.”