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The Unexpected Baking Ingredient That Makes A Great Cleaning Solution
You'll find multiple substances among your everyday grocery items that help you clean your home, like vodka, for example. However, there’s another unexpectedly powerful sanitizing ingredient that can be found in your pantry, that will be an easy cleaning mate, but not be too hard on the pocket, either.
Apart from adding a beautiful, robust flavor to baked goods, like cookies and cakes, pure vanilla extract makes an astonishingly productive cleaning solution. According to world-renowned vanilla brand Nielsen-Massey, vanilla extract can be used to wipe down sinks, microwaves, and fridges with a standard sponge.
To clean a stinky garbage disposal, just freeze a mixture of vanilla and lemon extracts and water in an ice cube tray, drop them down the drain, and the odor will disappear rapidly. Vanilla extract emits a lovely aroma anywhere it's present, thus, soaking a cotton ball with a few teaspoons of it and placing it in a small bowl will provide a simple, affordable, safe DIY air freshener.