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The Unexpected Fall Treat Hershey’s Chocolate World Is Offering
This Year
Willy Wonka’s chocolate river may not be real, but Hershey’s Chocolate World might be the next best thing, offering tours of the chocolate factory, taste-testing, and even the opportunity to design your own candy bar. Now, there is even more to love about the experience, as Hershey’s has unveiled a new fall treat, tailored to their adult customers.
Hershey’s has found a way to make the spooky season a bit more fun for adults by offering autumn-inspired chocolate and spirit pairings. The event, called Perfect Pairings, is part of the Hersheypark Halloween celebration that features trolley rides through Hershey Sweet Lights and the presentation of Hershey’s Holiday Chocolate House, a large house made entirely of chocolate.
The Perfect Pairings lineup includes specialized pairings like Wyndridge cranberry cider with Hershey’s milk chocolate, and Spring Gate Vineyard pumpkin spice cider with Kit Kat pumpkin pie bars. The event will run from September 10th to October 30th on Saturdays and Sundays from 2:30 to 4:30 and costs $29.99 per person.