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The Unexpected Ingredient Alton Brown Puts In His Scrambled Eggs

There's always a great debate in the food world over whether to add water or milk to scrambled eggs. The Food Network's resident food scientist, Alton Brown, takes a more unconventional approach to cooking scrambled eggs by adding one unique ingredient.

The "Good Eats" host revealed that he puts mayonnaise in his scrambled eggs, noting that scrambled eggs are an emulsion — a smooth, homogenous mixture of fat and water. Brown notes that mayonnaise is similar, and it is "kind of like a booster to the emulsion you're trying to make."

Brown introduced this hack in his cookbook "Everyday Cook," and it came up again on a segment of "Precise Advice with Alton Brown" on YouTube. YT commenter GAF/LS endorsed Brown's advice, saying that "adding mayonnaise to scrambled eggs increases the fat content so that it smooths out the whites and makes the mixture form a creamy texture.”