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The Unexpected Ingredient Anne Burrell Uses In Deviled Eggs
Deviled eggs can work in almost any setting, but those who have made them before often like to put their own twist on the dish. Seasonings such as salt and paprika are commonly used to add flavor, but celebrity chef Anne Burrell puts a different spin on her version to give the eggs an impactful flavor.
Burrell takes the flavor of traditional deviled eggs to new heights with the addition of truffle. Burrell first debuted her truffle deviled eggs at her Manhattan restaurant, Centro Vinoteca, where she combined truffle oil into the usual yolk mix, and then topped the eggs off with peelings of black truffle to complete the look and seal the truffle flavor.
The recipe calls for the traditional eggs and mayonnaise, of course, but Burrell also adds chives and cayenne pepper, in addition to the truffle. Truffle oil costs less than traditional truffles, so it's a good alternative for those looking to get the flavor at a lower cost.