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The Unexpected Ingredient That Will Majorly Upgrade Corn On The Cob
While corn on the cob is one of those summertime favorites that pair well as a vegetable side with anything, unfortunately, the price of corn has skyrocketed due to various global issues. Although the price-related problems won’t disappear anytime soon if you do purchase corn on the cob, keep this ingredient in mind to give it a major upgrade.
Brushing the shucked cobs with butter and then sprinkling them with seasoned brown sugar will help the kernels get browned and crispy. Thus, the granulated sweet stuff is the secret ingredient that takes your corn on the cob to the next level. A Weekend Homestead recipe agrees and suggests grilling your corn in the style of roasted sweet corn.
It's recommended to first soak the corn in a sink or a bucket for roughly half an hour before placing it on the grill, which contributes to steaming the corn. Pour about half to one cup of sugar into your chosen vessel and as the corn bathes in the sweet liquid, the sugar helps caramelize the finished product.