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The Unexpected Ingredient That Will Majorly Upgrade Your Cranberry Sauce
If you prefer homemade cranberry sauce, you can add a little spice or seasoning to boost the flavors. Recipe developer Catherine Brookes has a cranberry sauce that she calls “the perfect balance of sweet and sour, with juicy whole cranberries, zesty orange and a hint of spice,” and she has an extra ingredient that really perfects it.
This spice is none other than cinnamon, and Brookes’ recipe asks for just half a teaspoon of the spice to level up the sauce. Besides the sprinkle of cinnamon and the cup of sugar for balancing out the cranberry tartness, Brookes also adds ⅓ cup of orange juice.
You can opt for either fresh or frozen cranberries, but just be mindful that you “may need to increase the liquid content a little” with fresh cranberries along with extra water and orange juice. She also said that the sauce is "great spooned on top of cheese and crackers,” if you’re not roasting a turkey anytime soon but want to taste the special cranberry sauce anyway.