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The Unexpected Ingredient You Should Add To Swedish Meatballs
While you can't go wrong with the original Swedish meatballs recipe, there is a trick that has the potential to make this traditional meal even more enticing. The secret to a new and improved Swedish meatball feast lies in one small ingredient.
Fennel seeds, most often used as a spice, are typically used to add a sugared touch to all kinds of recipes. Adding these seeds into your meat is the only alteration you'll need to make to the way you prepare your Swedish meatballs. Leave them whole if you want a more toothsome texture while grinding the seeds before mixing them in helps form your meatballs loosely.
Again, pairing your fennel seeds with a teaspoon of black pepper can add another kick to the meatballs by combining spicy and sugary flavors. To create the perfect fennel-pepper Swedish meatballs, bake them in a sheet pan and explore how truly amazing fennel seeds can make your Swedish meatballs.