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The Unexpected Ingredient You Should Be Adding To Vinaigrette
Per Redditor OviliskTwo, you can ramp up the flavor of your basic oil and vinegar vinaigrette with a little hot sauce or fish sauce. OviliskTwo says, "A little bit of hot sauce or fish sauce can be unrecognizable in a vinaigrette, dip, or sauce — but it's an absolute game changer.”
Crystal Hot Sauce even has a recipe for a dressing that plays on the sweet, fiery, and savory flavors to make your salads taste that much better. As OviliskTwo explains, “A touch of heat, umami, sugar, or acid can turn a flat dish into something people crave."

And if you need another reason to try this hot ingredient in your next vinaigrette, a Harvard study says that eating spicy meals can actually decrease your mortality risk. If you are looking for a way to turn up the heat on your salads, this hack may be for you.