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The Unexpected Ingredients Martha Stewart Uses In Tuna Salad
While Martha Stewart’s recipe for a tuna salad sandwich uses the usual ingredients like tuna, mayo, and celery, it also includes one chopped apple (she recommends Gala or McIntosh) and some freshly chopped basil leaves. It might be surprising, but fans of Martha Stewart aren't expecting her recipes to have clashing flavors.
Based on the reviews of Stewart's tuna salad, apple and basil do pair with the fish. For The Kitchn, Sara Tane made and reviewed the tuna salad, and the verdict was that the texture added by the apples was a big plus and it added sweetness while the basil brought some freshness to the tuna salad.
On Stewart's website, this recipe has three out of five stars, but there's high praise from those who really enjoyed the salad. One person wrote, "I have made this recipe over a dozen times. ... Every single item in this recipe is NECESSARY. Do not alter it — seriously. Fresh basil is an absolute must."