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The Unexpected Way Texas Roadhouse Makes
Its Chili
Known for its big portions, it’d be a logical guess that Texas Roadhouse wastes a lot of food, but to avoid wastage, the butchers ensure that all bits of meat are used in meals, like the chili. A Redditor claiming to be a “meat prep” at Texas Roadhouse answered some burning questions people have about the steak chain, offering some crucial inside info.
Regarding the quality of meat used in the chain, the Redditor said that it's “good,” and that the chain makes use of “high-quality” steaks. They said, “The steaks would be the highest grade, then the leftovers from them are used for the kebobs and Dillo bites, and anything else is used to make the chili.”
The user warned against the chili, however, perhaps having a personal distaste against “leftover meat” being reused in such a way. Although utilized in this way to avoid wasting food, Texas Roadhouse isn’t the only company to use the leftover meat for chili, as Wendy’s also makes use of unused hamburger meat to make chili.