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The Unfortunate Conclusion To The Subway ‘Poop Sandwich’ Debacle
It’s disappointing when food doesn’t turn out the way you want it, but disappointing can quickly become disturbing if you find something in your food that doesn’t belong. This was the case when one customer at a Lansing, Michigan, Subway discovered what she thought was feces on the wrapper of her sandwich.
In a TikTok, the horrified customer described her experience, saying she smelled something off as she left the Subway but attributed it to sewage in the parking lot. Later, however, she noticed the smell didn’t dissipate, and after inspecting her sandwich, she discovered a brown smear on the wrapper that resembled feces.
The police took a swab of the substance for testing, but as of yet, the results have not been publicized. The owner of the store is adamant that the substance was chocolate from a cookie the worker had been eating prior to making the sandwich, and the health department seems to agree, stating, “No further action from the health department is being taken at this time.”
The customer took to TikTok to publicize her experience partly because she anticipated that the store would try to brush off the incident, and it seems her efforts have paid off. Online, people are looking for a more substantial answer, and many don’t seem to be buying the chocolate excuse, with one user commenting, “How r they gonna say that’s chocolate?”