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The Unique Japanese Restaurant Profiled In Chef's Table: Pizza

Japanese chef Yoshihiro Imai is one of six pizza experts featured on Netflix’s "Chef's Table: Pizza." Imai discovered pizza as a 23-year-old when he ate at a pizzeria in the mountains of Japan and became a chef when he got his first culinary job at that same restaurant a week later.

In 2015, Imai opened monk, a unique pizzeria with a menu that changes daily. Every morning, Imai ventures out to local markets and farms in search of new pizza ingredients, so each day has its subtle differences based on what Imai experiences when he goes outside.

Monk is tucked away near a creek by the Zen temple of Ginkakuji on the Philosopher’s Path (where philosopher Nishida Kitaro mused), a location that connects to Imai's routine. According to his friend and translator Emmy Reis, “Each day is a meditation, repetition, and communion with nature and the ingredients it provides.”