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The Unique Salsa Aldi Customers Can't Stop Raving About
Aldi Grillo's Pickle de Gallo, a "pickle-based salsa," has some shoppers delighted and others confused, with one Instagram commenter saying, "I want to try it but how do you eat it?? Or what do you eat it with?" One Aldi shopper seems to have a solution, tweeting, "if you dip a Cool Ranch Dorito in it, it will not hurt your feelings."
An Instagram post from Grillo's, on the other hand, finds Pickle de Gallo sensibly spooned over tacos for Taco Tuesday. Although there's a hot version of Pickle de Gallo available, Aldi is sticking to selling the medium and mild varieties as seasonal items.
Like the cult favorite Dill Pickle Spears, Pickle de Gallo is made with "clean ingredients" — but instead of the typical tomatoes, you'll find diced dill pickles laced with finely chopped garlic, onions, and either jalapeño and habanero or red bell peppers, in a salt and vinegar brine bath. Many are recommending including it in tuna salad, tartar sauce, and hot dogs, and the r/SalsaSnobs subreddit lampooned it as "basically just relish."