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The Untold Truth of In-N-Out Burger Heiress Lynsi Snyder
In-N-Out Burger got its start in 1948 in Baldwin Park, California, where founder Harry Snyder launched his drive-through burger business. Snyder made it the company’s mission to offer quality food, and passed those values onto his granddaughter Lynsi when she took over as president in 2010.
Lynsi Snyder added over 80 locations to the franchise after taking the reins, and admitted her grandparents’ values continued to guide her and the team. She prefers to keep her life private so as not to detract attention from the quality of the food and also to maintain her own safety after being nearly kidnapped twice in her life.
Snyder is deeply religious and has gotten two tattoos that are references to the Bible. Her commitment to her faith has prompted her to try and include it as a part of In-N-Out’s voice. Speaking on the Bible verses printed on some of the company’s packaging, she said, “It’s a family business and always will be, and that’s a family touch.”