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The Untold Truth Of Jif Peanut Butter
One of the most widely known peanut butter brands, Jif, came into the scene when Proctor & Gamble purchased a peanut butter brand and revamped it by adding sugar, molasses and other oils to the recipe. This move caused legal trouble with the FDA as the two parties couldn’t agree on the % of peanuts in peanut butter until a compromise was reached at 90%.
Jif used multiple marketing campaigns, including the blue kangaroo mascot called Jifaroo, and the ad campaign, “Choosy mothers choose Jif,” which helped them become the best-selling peanut butter in the country. In 1974, the company introduced its first Jif variety — Jif Extra Crunchy, followed by Simply Jif and Jif Reduced Fat in 1995.
A few years back, in a bizarre internet phenomenon, a lot of people online seemed to remember that Jif was once called Jiffy. Although this was completely inaccurate, it might be because they mixed up Jif and Skippy or the marketing campaign that people could use peanut butter to whip up lunch “in a jif-fy.”
In 2012, Jif moved into hazelnut spreads in chocolate and mocha cappuccino flavors and they also offer cashew butter and almond butter. The company has taken steps to ensure that the palm oil used in the spreads is sourced sustainably, apart from working to foster reputable labor practices, because child labor and human trafficking are regular events in the industry.
Americans are crazy about Jif peanut butter, consuming 270 million pounds of the product annually. Regarding the contents of the jar, approximately 1,200 peanuts make up a 28-ounce container of Jif while it's estimated that 188 billion peanuts are needed to manufacture this beloved product.